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Ingrid serves professional leaders and ministry leaders with her two primary entities: Leadership Coaching International and  She is a certified coach and mentor, and conducts various workshops and seminars designed to help participants live their best life now by understanding their inner selves in new and deeper ways.  Ingrid has coached and ministered to clients in over 20 countries including the United States, Canada, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, England, Ireland, Macedonia, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Egypt, Mali, Nigeria, Uganda, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia and Australia.


"I believe that by growing leaders into all that they were created to be, it will not only transform their lives but the lives of their families, teams, organizations, ministries, and ultimately their cultures."

Dr. Ingrid Davis

Speaker, Executive Coach & Mentor


Ingrid is a gifted Speaker, Leader, Mentor and Coach with a Bachelors degree in Education, a Masters Degree in Intercultural studies, and a Doctor of Ministry in Global Leadership.


Ingrid specializes in coaching, cross-cultural training and character based leadership training. She has worked with leaders and teams globally helping them adapt to change and improve the quality of their organizations and their lives.


She has taught in Africa, Australia, Europe, India, Canada and North America helping her clients achieve a more meaningful and connected life.


Relevant qualifications and Experience:


  • IPEC Certified Leadership Coach

  • Executive Coach for Arrow Executive Leadership

  • Associate trainer with Global Leadership

  • ACC Certified Coach with International Coach Federation

  • BS in Education

  • MA in Intercultural Studies 

  • D.Min in Global Leadership

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