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Life on the Balcony

Processing your story. . . discovering the journey of your life.


This seminar is about Your story in HIStory. What is your story? Looking at your story helps you become aware of who you are and how God is shaping and developing you. God is telling HIS story through your life.


  • Your past doesn't have to define you.

  • How does your story impact who you are today?

  • What are the areas of growth? Why do you do what you do?

  • What are the blocks, wounds, hurts, resentments, lies, vows and agreements that are impacting who you are and what you do?

  • Where do you see God's hand in your life?

  • What is God's truth?

  • What is your Personal Belief System?





Gary Collins writes, "What you believe, influences who you are and impacts everything that you do."





This workshop helps you discover a fresh way of looking at your life as you review the events and patterns of your past in order to discover who you are, why you do what you do, where you are now and where you’re heading. You’ll learn to overcome the roadblocks that have detoured you from deeper relationships, sidetracked your professional career, stunted your spiritual growth, and destroyed your self-confidence. 




"Everyone has a story. Put another way, everyone’s life is a story. But most people don’t know how to read their life in a way that reveals their story. They miss the deeper meaning of their life and have little sense of how God has written their story to reveal himself and his own story.  To be told our own life story is the thing that most influences and shapes our outlook, our tendencies, our choices and our decisions. It is the force that orients us toward the future, and yet we rarely give it a second thought.” 


– Dan Allender, To Be Told




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