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WHAT IF? Workshop

WHAT IF? is a workshop for the soul led by Ingrid Davis and Kate Marshall, MSc.

A Workshop for the Soul

WHAT IF? is a powerful and inspiring workshop for the soul that takes participants on a journey to discover purposeful living.


Led by Ingrid Davis, MA, and Kate Marshall, MSc, this is a single day of self exploration, understanding and empowerment.  This is a thought provoking and challenging development concept created with timeless wisdom and delivered through a practical and meaningful format inspiring exceptional results.  Kate and Ingrid are on a mission to bring authentic leadership of self and others to the marketplace.


By the end of the workshop, you will:


  • Create a plan for connecting to your best and optimum future

  • Recognize and release old patterns and create new thinking

  • Build a pathway to access the authentic leader in all of us

  • Work with more focus and purpose to deliver greater results


By creating space to think, asking challenging questions and creating a new perspective, this workshop provides tools to help individuals discover their “what and how” to lead oneself and others to authentic leadership of teams, organizations and families. We use techniques, tools and experience and combine more than 20 years of knowledge to create this unique concept that inspires individuals to achieve extraordinary results.

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