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Leadership Coaching International

Certified Leadership Coach, Mentor & Speaker

Leadership Coaching Philosophy

As a coach, I encourage my clients to dig deep into their souls to find answers; to work on the most important decisions and areas in their lives.


My job as a coach is to stimulate reflection in my clients regarding every area of life - professional and personal - so they can create their own best answers and solutions. In each meeting, the client chooses the focus of conversation.  I concentrate both on where my clients are today and what they are willing to do to get to where they want to be tomorrow.




Overall Plan:

As I engage with executives and general leadership clients, I guide them through a process that consists of:


  • Creating the coaching relationship

  • Working with the client's agenda

  • Using goals to define the desired outcome

  • Intuitive listening

  • Powerful questions

  • Creating action steps

  • Setting up support structures and accountability for change




Qualifications and Experience:

Ingrid specializes in coaching, cross-cultural training and character based leadership training. She has worked with leaders and teams globally helping them adapt to change and improve the quality of their organizations and their lives.


She has taught in Africa, Australia, Europe, India, Canada and North America helping her clients achieve a more meaningful and connected life.



Relevant Certifications:

  • IPEC Certified Leadership Coach

  • Executive Coach for Arrow Executive Leadership

  • Associate trainer with Global Leadership

  • ACC Certified Coach with International Coach Federation

  • BS in Education

  • MA in Intercultural Studies 

  • D Min in Global Leadership

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