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With warmth and wisdom Ingrid helped me identify the changes needed to reevaluate my life's direction and a practical action plan to implement. The results were life defining."

- Joan, Greenwich, CT - Life Coaching Client

"Suffice to say, personally and professionally, I am enriched. I feel I can forge ahead further emboldened with the tools you, Ingrid, so succinctly and joyfully shared with us. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!"

- Christine, Leadership Development Workshop Client

"I have known and worked with Ingrid, off and on, for some ten years in our Stress In The Ministry conferences both as a participant and as a co-teacher. She has been such a blessing to us. She has demonstrated many fine qualities as a conference speaker/presenter and as a person. Her research into the subject matter and her ability to present the material in a very practical way are very impressive. As an individual, she is very enjoyable to be around. I highly recommend her as a speaker and as a friend."

- Dixon Murrah, Founder of Stress in the Ministry, Houston, TX

"After my sessions of inner healing I could feel a personal touch from the Holy Spirit and a filling that included a personal sensation of God’s presence. I’ve regularly asked God for a filling of His Holy Spirit before my sessions of healing. However it wasn’t until after my sessions that I was certain of the joy and peace of His presence that came immediately! It was not something I had to wonder about. I knew for sure His daily filling was renewed in me. It's given me more joy, peace and energy!"

- Pastor John

"I recently attending a Soul Care workshop, led by Ingrid Davis. It was very refreshing and eye-opening. Refreshing because we dug into God's Word together and saw who we are in the eyes of God. But also eye-opening because it's surprising to see how much words, lies, and feelings shape our lives. There are so many things to work through on this journey called life and Ingrid was just an amazing speaker - vulnerable, a great listener, and her sessions were very participatory."

- Karen, Sotori, Uganda

"God worked through Ingrid's teaching and allowed me to grieve over part of my past that I never had before."

- Rachel, Missionary, Soroti, Uganda

"I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for leading such a meaningful day. You established a very comfortable environment, and provided us with time to truly reflect. I also liked the fact that it wasn't a huge crowd so I wasn't distracted. Coupled with my recent healing prayer session, I finally have hope (and maybe some new "tools:") to move out and forward. Thank you SO much for being such an important part of that process. I know you are a blessing to many."

- Lenore, Life On The Balcony Workshop Attendee

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