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Caring for the Soul of Leaders



The people to whom we minister will not recall 99 percent of what we say to them.  But they will never forget the kind of people we are. In caring for the soul of the leader, we care for the soul of the team.



"The quality of our souls will indelibly touch others for good or for ill.” 

                                                                                                                 Dallas Willard



In this workshop you will discover:

  • What is Soul Care? 

  • How can leaders care for their own souls?  

  • What are the signs of soul neglect?  

  • Helping leaders deal with emotional exhaustion to prevent burnout 

  • How leaders can help their teams in soul development and soul care 


My philosophy:

If we are going to keep international workers and leaders on the field long-term, then we need to do member care well.  I also believe it’s important to teach team leaders the skills of soul care and member care so that they can help their team members.  I have found so often that “hurting people hurt people,” and this is especially true on the mission field where teams are put together and expected to work together not only as colleagues, but also as friends, and sometimes surrogate family.  We therefore need to support, encourage, and teach our team members how to deal with their own “stuff” first and find healing and wholeness in the places where they are wounded, stuck and underdeveloped.

Audio samples of Ingrid's teaching:

MLC2017 - Ingrid Davis
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Webinar Soul Care - Ingrid Davis
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